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Interactive history line of the AECAS


The First-ever Russia-Africa Summit took place in Sochi


The Russia-Africa Partnership Forum
and its Secretariat were established


The Association of Economic Cooperation with African States (AECAS) began its work. The AECAS is a key structure for the development of economic ties between Russia and Africa


Start of preparations for the second Russia-Africa Summit

  • All 54 countries of the continent were represented, including 45 at the level of Heads of State
  • Over 50 agreements worth 800 billion roubles have been signed

 «Russia and Africa are bound by traditionally friendly ties. Our country has consistently supported the national liberation movements of the peoples of Africa, we have made a significant contribution to the formation of young states and the development of their economies, as well as building up combat-ready armed forces...

I would like to emphasise that the development of relations with African countries and regional organisations is among our Russian foreign policy priorities.

African states are confidently gaining political and economic weight, affirming themselves as one of the important pillars of the multipolar world order»


Vladimir Putin, President of Russia

 The Forum is a new dialogue mechanism aimed at the development of Russian-African cooperation in the economic, political and cultural spheres. Within the framework of the Forum are planned:

  • Triennial Africa-Russia Heads of State Meetings

  • Annual consultations between Russia and the countries of Africa

The Secretariat is the executive body of the Forum responsible for the organization of the Forum's work on an ongoing basis. Its Head is Oleg Ozerov, Ambassador-at-Large for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation

«The task of the Secretariat in particular, as well as of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in general, is not to lose the positive momentum received by Russian-African relations at the first-ever Russia-Africa summit... and is to further improve the achieved results»


Oleg Ozerov
  • Founded in accordance with the decisions of the Russia-Africa summit.
  • Promotes Russian business on the African continent.
  • Includes 14 members and partners - leading companies, scientific and financial institutions (as of December 2020)

Areas of work of the AECAS in 2021–2022:

  • Analytics
  • Legislative initiatives and legislative changes
  • Search for funding
  • Search for business partners
  • Media promotion of Russian business
  • Educational programs
  • Social and cultural programs

The objective of the AECAS

Integrated promotion of Russian business in Africa. We bring together the key companies, government agencies and scientific institutions to implement ambitious investment projects

Analytical studies

Search for local business partners

Financial arrangements

Business travel arrangements

Exchange of experience and synergy of technologies

Commercial projects

Media promotion

Educational projects

Structure of AECAS

The Chairman

Alexander Saltanov

Executive Director

Anna Belyaeva

Managing Director

Vladimir Kurchenko

The Supervisory Board

A permanent collegial body responsible for general oversight of the Association's activities

The Executive Committee

A collegial executive body responsible for general management and for the development strategy implementation of the AECAS

The Expert Council

Advisory body providing expert support to increase the efficiency of Russian-African economic cooperation

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